Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Choose Your Reality


When I first viewed the movie, "The Matrix," many years ago, I was impressed with its imagination, clear-headed plot, and overall achievements as both art and entertainment.  But it wasn't until much later that I realized that it was really an allegory, and that is what makes it sheer genius.

Look around you and what do you see?  Whatever you see, the chances are only one in a million or less that you see anything close to reality. 

Like the Matrix, we live in a carefully scripted reality, and humans all over the world are deceived by the power structures that currently enslave them.  A door is opening, and some individuals in the world have begun to awaken.  They are realizing that their governments and most of what they thought to be true are all lies, and that the same power structures that enslaved their parents and grandparents have dictated an even deeper enslavement for their children and grandchildren.

Nothing is real, and everything that most people think is real is just a carefully constructed matrix of lies and deceit meant to entrap the individual into believing that he or she has some modicum of choice  in their ultimate destiny.  But no one has a choice, if they do not have the facts, and almost no one has the facts.  They have constructs of lies laced with facts, and some of the richest and most successful people think that they know the most, when in fact, they have just learned how to work within the Matrix, never really suspecting the depth of of their delusions.

This is the "Invisible Tyranny" that stalks the world.  It is everywhere, and no one has enough information to expose the truth.  Look around, and you see lie piled on top of lie, deception on top of deception, but all mingled with some basic truths.  Thus, most people live their lives in serfdom to oligarchs, who themselves are still slaves to a higher power.  

In the past, countries have warred against one another killing millions of innocent individuals in the process, and nothing has changed except the manor and depths of the deceptions that control the masses. There is little difference between what is happening now in the world, and what circumstances were like in 1917, but without the benefit of historical facts, individuals worldwide cannot even begin to make a comparison, cannot even begin to see how they are being constantly manipulated by evil and sinister power structures and elites, who themselves are mere pawns and servants to their own greed and masters.

The curtain is about to rise on a new epoch, and new paradigms are going to occur.  As an individual, just as in "The Matrix," you have a choice of which pill to swallow.  If you choose to believe what you see in the media and what you are told by the existing power structures, or if you choose to adopt an old set of lies that is being trotted out for public consumption just as it was 100 years ago, you and your progeny will continue to be victimized by the "Invisible Tyranny," that has been in place for generations.  If you are one of the "lucky" ones, you might even lead a good life, living in the bubble that is your dream, your manufactured reality.

Or, you may choose to wake up, as some have done, and begin to question all that you have been told, all that you have been programmed to believe is true, to cut through the curtain to a hidden true reality that is existence.  It isn't easy, and many will choose the Matrix, rather than experiencing the pain and isolation of a frightening reality.  Many suspect even now, but they either fear to question, or choose to take the easier way of accepting what is handed to them.

Many will never understand that there is no freedom of choice without truth, no possible path to redemption from sin, without chastity.

Which pill will you swallow?

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