Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Truth Shall Make You Free. 

The man Jesus said: "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." 

So it is with truth.  A person can have the truth staring them in their face all their life, and still not see it.  One may look at the stars and admire them, yet see how our concept of the stars has changed over the years from primitive man, to Galileo, to Hubble.  Always with wonder did men view the sky, yet their eyes could not reveal the truth to them, no matter that they did try their best to discern it.

This has been the fate of men for thousands of years, to chase the truth, and yet to never fully grasp it.  Many think the truth is beautiful and pure and is the highest calling of mankind, yet they have no more grasp of the truth then did cave men have knowledge of galaxies beyond the ability of their eyes to see.

Some people demand their freedom, and make a great fuss about it, without ever bothering to greatly consider what it entails. If the king grants you ultimate freedom, are you not still confined to a thin layer of atmosphere wherein you can breathe, and are you not still confined to a small planet upon whose surface you may only run about in great circles, and are you not also confined to a feeble body of flesh whose existence may cease at any instant?    So wherein lies your freedom?

If the same king should throw you in a cell, can he command your thoughts?  Are they not just as free as if you were on some remote mountaintop?  I make no point, other than to say that most do not greatly consider the cost of freedom, nor do they carefully define it.

Freedom cannot exist without truth, and truth sometimes cannot be seen.  Therefore, like the primitive caveman who could not see the galaxies, modern man yearns for freedom without understanding.  One must first carefully define freedom before demanding it.  The sheep must pass through the door to see the truth and find pasture.

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