Sunday, October 19, 2014

Higher Consciousness

Higher levels of consciousness are like a form of insanity as viewed from below. For the people who see higher levels no longer see many of the trials and tribulations of life in the same manner as when they were on lower planes.  In fact, as one goes higher still, many earthly problems are no longer visible, as if they had been obscured by clouds in the inter-lying altitudes. The big picture yields such a greatly different perspective as to change one’s entire worldview.

One cannot communicate to those below due to the clouds that obscure vision in both directions.  Thus, higher levels of consciousness are a lonely place where the individual must tread carefully so as not to fall, for there is no visible help, no one to lend a hand in the rarefied atmosphere of higher consciousness.

At least not yet, not to my knowledge.  I have read many theories of help from above, many fascinating stories of timely coincidences.  So here is my theory, right or wrong.

The universe being symmetrical, each positive is balanced by a negative, and in the world, there are obvious forces of combined evil that thwart mankind’s attempts to reach happiness.  I know this to be true, because most all of us have either seen such combined forces, or at least read about them throughout history.

Therefore, by the assumption of symmetry in the universe, I must assume that there are also combined forces of good.  They just must not be visible to me at this point in time. They may be dispersed, and therefore unable to be pinpointed, as groups of individuals without coordination, spread out uniformly, waiting to coalesce when needed (like the Tea Party).  Or perhaps they help in unseen ways, and only when necessary.  Unfortunately, I cannot know that, and I cannot believe it due to my refusal to accept any mystical beliefs that cannot be proven.  So at present, I am left with this quandary: If there are organized forces of good in the world that help men, why can’t I see them?  Where are they?

And at higher levels of consciousness, will there ever come a helping hand?  Or is the most one can hope for subtle guidance and invisible “mystic” forces?

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