Sunday, October 19, 2014


Your Truth Matrix

In my writings, I often use the term "truth matrix" and I would like to elaborate on why that term is so relative and so very important.  For those that have studied advanced algebras, they are already intimately familiar with the importance of matrices, but for those who are not familiar with the operations of linear algebra, let me explain.

Systems of linear equations are used to describe things such as the many forces on complex systems like an aircraft wing or a beam under load.  To solve such complex systems of equations the corresponding variables may be arranged in a matrix and then solved using vector operations of linear algebra.

The human mind does a similar thing whenever it makes any judgement.  Your personal truth matrix operates on all the known relevant facts to help solve any problem placed before you.  What is two plus two?  Your mind answers almost immediately, without cognitive thought, conditioned by a lifetime of programming.  Most people will solve elementary math problems correctly, but we are all limited in how we perceive reality by the programming that has been instilled in our minds since birth.  "Prove that the given function f(x) = y is continuous and differentiable on the given interval," requires a different set of truth matrices than a simpler addition problem.

Complex social issues are complex because individuals' truth matrices have been wrongly programmed through conscious design, so that individuals may be more easily deceived and manipulated.  Most everything in the world becomes simplified as one's personal truth matrix is corrected.  Racism, bigotry, corruptions and lies all melt into nothingness when a healthy human being has their truth matrix more closely aligned with reality.

As the student of life progresses to higher levels of consciousness, he or she gradually removes false-truths from their personal truth matrix.  Otherwise, they cannot progress.  False-truths limit one's accurate perception of reality, cause distortions of thought, erroneous answers, and circular logic that leaves the individual exhausted and confused.

Logical Individualism breaks down the most complex social problems into easily diagnosed modules and allows one to approach existential reality in a more god-like fashion, seeing creation as it is, and not through socially programmed distortions.

Consider this: The man Jesus, in three words, gives all thinking individuals everywhere the strongest basis for their own personal truth matrix, the foundation upon which they may safely build.  He says:

Love one another.

The elevated individual grows to realize that empathy and a concern for one's fellow individuals is not only logical, but is also in one's own best interest.  For we are all our brothers' keepers, and as we watch and protect our fellow individuals' best interests, so will our individual interests be best protected.  Such is the Brotherhood of Man.

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