Friday, August 8, 2014


Reality Reasserted

Reality is inviolable except in the mind of the individual.

Most people believe that if they drop a hammer it will fall, and they therefore expect that result.  But there are many, who believe that they may simply wish or will other events to happen, events that would violate the laws of reality.  They believe that if they "hope" hard enough, and if they "believe" hard enough, that whatever outcome they most fervently desire will happen.  All their dreams will come true, if they just have the courage to continue to believe and hope.

"The oceans will cease to rise."  The world will heal itself and humanity will miraculously arrive at a new golden age of enlightenment, wherein all earthly ills will be cured.

NOT gonna happen.

Gravity exists as a consequence of matter.  The hammer will fall, and if you aren't smart enough to get out of its way, you're going to get smashed in the head.

Enough said?

Discounting nature, there's not much unexpected happening in the world today.

The spiraling morass of chaos, murder, and economic misery that is occurring globally was all predictable, and it is the result of man-made decisions.  Dependent upon whether you are a good person with common sense who recognizes the virtue and wisdom of the Golden Rule, or whether your mind is diseased by any one of various ideologies promulgated by sociopaths, you may think things are terrible, or else progressing to plan.

If you want to begin to cleanse your mind, you must stop viewing major network broadcasting as a source of news, don't believe anything that you read in the headlines anywhere, and take a walk in a nearby forest or woods.  Get away from people and the din of the world, and start to listen to the god-given voice from within you that you may have ignored since childhood.

You are the ultimate authority of your own mind.  You are the one who must take control, and filter undesirable information sources that corrupt your thinking.  Guard your thoughts from manipulation by emotions and the senses, pray for guidance (even if you are an atheist).  The world is simple when viewed in small pieces, so look at the little things first, and as you gain confidence in finding solutions using your own head, gradually expand outward to bigger and more complicated issues.

That may mean starting in your bedroom closet, and straightening your own house.  Who cares about the world outside if your own house is a wreck?  So you start on a local level and expand to your street and then your neighborhood, then finally, perhaps not for years, you expand to your city and your state.  Beyond your state doesn't really matter so much if you do a good job.  Because as you are working in your state, know that there are others working just as hard in theirs.  If the states solve their greatest problems individually, the nation's problems will be half solved on its own.

Start small, and work your way up.  Ignore the rest for awhile, because there is not a lot that you can do at this point.  But most importantly, recognize that everything that is happening on a large scale is the result of individual decision-making on a smaller scale.

Global consequences are the result of billions of individuals who have allowed their lives to be directed by others.  When individuals take control of their own lives, it is like a gravity brake on world events.

Everything begins with you.  (And since it's Friday night, I'm going to drink a beer and ruminate on that.)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cautious Thinking Requires Disbelief

No matter where you live in the world, more than ever, you must be careful to not jump to conclusions by what you see or read in the media.  Public opinion has never been so widely and so effectively manipulated as it is today in the information age.

From targeted ads that haunt you as you shop, to major media outlets that have become propaganda arms of governments, the individual's mind is under continuous assault from forces that wish to manipulate and control it.

Video editing has gotten so slick, that even amateurs can put together bogus news stories that appear as high-gloss reliable recordings of actual events, but which are complete fabrications.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Creating the Dog of Jesus 


Monday, December 30, 2013 10:20 PM

A recent reader remarked that she was disappointed that I had shared the beginnings of the seed of the idea from which "The Dog of Jesus" had emerged. (It is explained in the Afterword of the novel.) I can understand that the origin of such an unusual tale might seem prosaic compared to the final story.

But that is exactly why I chose to share the origin of the initial premise, because to many struggling writers everywhere who are looking for the next great idea, the concept of smashing log-lines together is completely unknown. To those who are seeking new ideas, any creative help or stimulus is pure gold. It is not my practice to smash log-lines together looking for ideas, but I was engaged in a casual conversation with my son about how desperately Hollywood screenwriters search for new ideas for spec scripts.

Screenwriting is often the complete reverse of novel-writing. In screenwriting, one often begins with a million-dollar idea or title and then works from the outside in, to create a story. Whereas novel-writers often work in the completely opposite direction, starting with a problem or series of problems, and then working outward to their ultimate solution.

For instance, in "The Enterprise Zone" I started with the concept of society on the brink, and states going bankrupt, and then wondered what the ultimate consequences of the privatization of our prison system might be. What would happen to a man in a prison-for-profit where there was no early release, and individuals became legal slaves?

Back when I wrote that novel, the idea of states going bankrupt was a foreign idea, and men being unjustly imprisoned for profit was science fiction. But it now seems rather prescient as one reads of the recent conviction of a judge who was unjustly convicting young people and incarcerating them into private prisons for a payoff from the prison-for-profit. Nowadays, not many people would have a hard time believing that states and municipalities might go bankrupt.

Back to the point at hand, creativity, and the origination of new ideas: I wanted to share one magic trick, (smashing log-lines), as an accidental starting point. And I here share the not-so-secret concept of screenwriters working from the outside in, whereas novel and story-writers usually work from the inside out.

What matters is the final product. If a story remains true to itself, and is logically consistent, and if it details real human problems, and showcases realistic characters who grow throughout the story, then the spark of creativity that started the fire, which grew into the final story is not really too important, except to those who might be searching for the next million-dollar idea.

No one knows how much God (or the subconscious) affects the mind of man, nor from what wellspring original creativity emerges. That remains a mystery.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Say (or do) Anything 

Desperation for Material Success

Watching the headlines, one fact becomes immediately clear; the world has a misplaced desperation for success and material gains. 

Can anyone, after watching the lies and testimonies of so-called world leaders, or hearing the banal rants of scrambling opportunists masquerading as news reporters, or even after watching the continued downward spiral into perversity by populist entertainers, harbor any doubt that society is sick?

A madness for success, which hopefully brings riches, has gripped the world more than ever.  And in that race to the top of the dung heap, the world that watches, has become necessarily shallower and emptier, losing much of the beauty of healthy humanity.

Our society is inverted, as are its values.  Individuals should be devoting their lives to becoming more fully developed specimens of god-like humanity, rather than chasing wealth.  Common sense should tell you to be true to yourself, but how many actually can say truthfully that they even know very much about themselves? It isn't possible to "know thyself" unless one takes the time to do so.  That requires periods of time away from the noise of the world, plateaus of quiet, somber thought that grow and elevate one's consciousness.  It can't be done while being bombarded by the twenty-four-seven news cycle or while being blasted by rap tunes or heavy metal, skull-crushing sound.

To begin to know oneself, one must unplug from the world for at least short periods of time, and experience a sense of apparent isolation, before finally beginning to realize one's own self-worth, and to feel the connectedness of all things.  

Success should be based upon excellence as an individual and personal growth, and has nothing to do with material gain. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The American Holiday

     On this Thanksgiving, our uniquely American holiday, I cannot help but think of all the Midwestern families who have lost their homes and lifetime possessions, and it is therefore very easy to feel lucky and grateful for the good fortunes with which we are mostly graced.  And yet, in their trials and grief, survivors universally find out the same truths: That they did not need all of what they lost, and that their most valued blessings are the people that they love.

     From birth, we are programmed by society to become consummate consumers, work-week toilers whose harvest is a paycheck to spend on everything that we think we need.  But what do we really need?  What values made America great?  It wasn't mobs crashing barriers to get a new I-phone, TV, or laptop computer.  The very values that built the greatest nation on earth are often down trodden today by new agendas proposed by enemies of our original republic.  People who claim to want to "fundamentally transform America" have no respect for the individual.  They prove it by saying that they want to steal the wealth from one individual, "and spread it around a little".  They prove their lack of respect for the individual time and again, from their willingness to murder innocent babies, to their enslavement of all individuals into a massive government health insurance plan, even if it is against the individual's will.

     Our republic, as founded, celebrated the individual and his or her rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  For now, at least, we still have the power in America to fight for individual freedom within the laws given to us by our forefathers.  We can be thankful of that, just as we can be thankful that we have loved ones, even if we have no home.

God bless all individuals, and god protect and preserve the republic.
Thank you for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon America, and help guide us to better days for all free men and women.
Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Thank you for the Leaves


I had been in a funk for several days.  Both of my twin granddaughters were recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at two years old.  My wife was in London attending a meeting of world-wide paper-pushers, aspiring to become someone that I won't know or like; a bureaucrat.  My business performance had been not up to my liking, and my whole life seemed pretty much a waste of the potential I was given at birth.  I was entertaining thoughts of how best to exit this planet, and to leave behind all of its madness.

The constant barrage of bad news from the media; the pathetic excuses for leaders around the globe; the hopelessness of starving millions; the murder of other innocent millions; the Fukushima disaster and what comes next; the suffering of jobless Americans in the richest country in the world; the senseless murder of millions of animals gobbled up by voracious meat-eaters who never saw a vegetable that tasted as good as a cheeseburger.

The insane whine of the world seemed like a flashing hotel light that that wouldn't give me any rest.  Many methods of escape are possible, but few appeal to me.  Perhaps climbing a distant mountain and freezing at the top would be one nice exit.  I could lie there undisturbed, and look out at the physical beauty of this world, unperturbed by what was happening below.  That seemed better than just walking north until I froze, since I wouldn't want to be eaten by polar bears or wolves, before I died.

Better to leave on one's own terms, I thought, than to wait and suffer the indignities of a frail old age.  These were the thoughts that ruminated within my skull all week, growing like an approaching storm, that darkened my mind.  Then today, I walked outside in my backyard, and looked up at the skyline in front of my house.

The trees had turned bright with colors and were glowing brilliant in the morning sun.  One was luminescent yellow, and another deep gold.  Still another was lit with shades of orange and pink.  They were too beautiful to ignore.  Instantly, I was temporarily relieved of my departure plans.  This world is too beautiful to exit just yet.  My good feelings caused me new thoughts.  What was it about just seeing these colors that made me feel so good?  Why did I think it so beautiful?  Would someone else think the same?  

I remembered my ailing father in the time before his death, and he would have told me that the colors meant nothing at all to him.  But he was well ready to depart, his chosen tasks completed, and he was missing my mother, who had passed before him.  So the colors don't save everyone.  Nevertheless, they saved me from my week-long funk and blew wind back into my sails.

There's a lot I can still do to help out in this world.  I'm not ready to leave just yet.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Logical Individualism

People like labels, because it makes it easy to identify things.  This applies to everything in life, and we mimic the laws of nature by trying to do things in the simplest way possible, with the least effort, and so that we expend a minimal amount of brain power.  Except consciousness does not follow the laws of thermodynamics, and is in fact a type of negative entropy, where thoughts follow successive layers of integration, becoming more and more complex.  Higher levels of consciousness are determined by these successive integrations piled one on top another, until our thoughts sometimes become exceedingly complex.

Most of mankind's troubles are caused by misinformation, crooked ideas that are promulgated by distortions of reality, creating a distortion in the truth matrix which represents it.  These distortions limit our ability to integrate reality successfully, and falsify our perception of facts successively, so that we effectively build a house of cards in our thoughts that is subject to manipulation, confusion, and deception, and which can destroy our very lives.

Sneaky miscreants in the world take advantage of these defects in individuals' thinking abilities and lead entire populations astray, creating wars, famines, social unrest and worldwide strife on a planet that should be a Garden of Eden. However, there is a way to purify our thoughts and expunge falsehoods from our minds, a way to cleanse ourselves of the many diseased thoughts that are programmed into our minds since birth, so that we can become the godlike creatures that men and women are intended to become.

The label that defines and therefore pigeonholes for easy reference this methodology of truth and self-analysis is logical individualism.  It is based upon logic and the universal truth that all conscious individuals have undeniable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The founders of the United States were centuries ahead of the rest of the world, when they spelled out these rights in the American Declaration of Independence.  Unfortunately, what they were not able to do was to give their new nation an infallible method of thinking that would protect and preserve those principles for all time.

Thus, America has always been at risk, and has always been under attack, often successfully, by those who would enslave the individual for their own personal gain.  Creeping socialism, Nazism, religious cults, and selfish stupidity have all at one time or another, and in varying degrees, captivated segments of the nation, and impeded mankind's ultimate progress in its ascension to higher levels of consciousness.

In order for the rights of the individual to remain sacrosanct, a correct methodology and manner of thinking must be adopted so that people cannot be led astray.  Logical individualism recognizes the sovereignty and immutable rights of the individual, while it teaches to build primary logic modules that can be integrated into a powerful picture of reality composed of interlocking puzzle pieces that once assembled cannot be distorted or collapsed by liars, cheaters, and social miscreants.