Friday, August 8, 2014


Reality Reasserted

Reality is inviolable except in the mind of the individual.

Most people believe that if they drop a hammer it will fall, and they therefore expect that result.  But there are many, who believe that they may simply wish or will other events to happen, events that would violate the laws of reality.  They believe that if they "hope" hard enough, and if they "believe" hard enough, that whatever outcome they most fervently desire will happen.  All their dreams will come true, if they just have the courage to continue to believe and hope.

"The oceans will cease to rise."  The world will heal itself and humanity will miraculously arrive at a new golden age of enlightenment, wherein all earthly ills will be cured.

NOT gonna happen.

Gravity exists as a consequence of matter.  The hammer will fall, and if you aren't smart enough to get out of its way, you're going to get smashed in the head.

Enough said?

Discounting nature, there's not much unexpected happening in the world today.

The spiraling morass of chaos, murder, and economic misery that is occurring globally was all predictable, and it is the result of man-made decisions.  Dependent upon whether you are a good person with common sense who recognizes the virtue and wisdom of the Golden Rule, or whether your mind is diseased by any one of various ideologies promulgated by sociopaths, you may think things are terrible, or else progressing to plan.

If you want to begin to cleanse your mind, you must stop viewing major network broadcasting as a source of news, don't believe anything that you read in the headlines anywhere, and take a walk in a nearby forest or woods.  Get away from people and the din of the world, and start to listen to the god-given voice from within you that you may have ignored since childhood.

You are the ultimate authority of your own mind.  You are the one who must take control, and filter undesirable information sources that corrupt your thinking.  Guard your thoughts from manipulation by emotions and the senses, pray for guidance (even if you are an atheist).  The world is simple when viewed in small pieces, so look at the little things first, and as you gain confidence in finding solutions using your own head, gradually expand outward to bigger and more complicated issues.

That may mean starting in your bedroom closet, and straightening your own house.  Who cares about the world outside if your own house is a wreck?  So you start on a local level and expand to your street and then your neighborhood, then finally, perhaps not for years, you expand to your city and your state.  Beyond your state doesn't really matter so much if you do a good job.  Because as you are working in your state, know that there are others working just as hard in theirs.  If the states solve their greatest problems individually, the nation's problems will be half solved on its own.

Start small, and work your way up.  Ignore the rest for awhile, because there is not a lot that you can do at this point.  But most importantly, recognize that everything that is happening on a large scale is the result of individual decision-making on a smaller scale.

Global consequences are the result of billions of individuals who have allowed their lives to be directed by others.  When individuals take control of their own lives, it is like a gravity brake on world events.

Everything begins with you.  (And since it's Friday night, I'm going to drink a beer and ruminate on that.)

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