Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finding Absolute Truth: The Law of Eleven and Seven

A squared plus B squared equals C squared.

Some say there is no such thing as absolute truth. But throughout our universe, and throughout all universes, certain basic truths exist. These basic truths may be labeled laws, since they must always be followed in order to accurately integrate truth to achieve higher levels of consciousness. A basic truth remains inviolate due to the reality that creates it, and reality is what exists independent of us.

Reality is reality, it is not what we wish it to be.

Reality exists independent of man and his thoughts. Man may discover laws of reality, but he cannot change reality without altering the universe which creates said reality.

If the earth were to disappear tomorrow, the laws of physics which govern this reality would remain unchanged. They have always been here, and man only struggles to learn and understand them.

Perhaps the closest mankind has ever come to absolute truth is the science of mathematics, because mathematics never lies to us. Postulates once proven, do not change, or else they were never accurately proven to begin with. When Pythagoras put forward his theorem, he was only stating that which had existed as reality for billions of years.

In today's complex world where so many interest groups are vying for control of the individual's mind, clear thinking is more important than ever. But how does one find the real truth? It can be very difficult to divine truth when one is dealing with complex issues. The individual is often led astray by his or her own distortions of reality, and even more often they are led astray deliberately by cheaters and liars who corrupt the world, in order to cheat material wealth and power for themselves.

In order to find basic truths, one must disintegrate complex thoughts into their most basic building blocks and then rebuild with the most basic logic modules until the more complex integrated thoughts have been assembled from undeniable truths.

Like a mathematician, the individual must prove each thought to himself, in order to be sure of its veracity and undeniable correctness. In this way, complex social issues are solved using reality, and the cheaters, crooks, and parasites of the world cannot distort the individual's thoughts and rob them of their freedom and wealth.

To that end, I hereby introduce the Law of Eleven and Seven. Through the use of these two simple interlocked laws humanity can solve all problems in this world and bring about world peace forever.

Ah, here your mind, if it is reasonable, is probably already rebelling at this suggestion, for surely if it were so simple, then millions would have seen such basic truths long ago. In fact, the Law of Eleven has been known to man for thousands of years, and great religions have been built upon it and have long ago vanished from this earth. For the Law of Eleven, is merely my term, simply a convenient memory device to associate it with the Law of Seven that must always interlock with it, in order for it to be universally true and incorruptible.

The Law of Eleven is:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The interlocking Law of Seven is:

The rights of the individual are sacrosanct.

Of course, most people will recognize the law of eleven as the "Golden Rule", which has been known by mankind for tens of thousands of years. But it has no power unless it is interlocked with the Law of Seven, because cheaters and defilers of the truth can easily manipulate human minds through emotions and false logic to corrupt human reasoning when only the Law of Eleven is used.

I submit several quick examples to prove my point.

Communism was originally hailed as the best hope of man to achieve justice and to build a utopia on this planet. Karl Marx said: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." That wonderfully sounding altruistic statement, certainly seems to be almost a restatement of the Golden Rule, but through the enactment of that inaccurate perversion of reality, over twenty million Russian peasants were murdered. Russian peasants were told they had to give up land that had been in their families for hundreds of years, and when they refused, entire villages were slaughtered by the communists. They did it in the name of building a better world. But now add the Law of Seven to the Law of Eleven, and it becomes impossible to distort reality. For if the rights of the individual would have been held sacrosanct, then no perversion of reality would have been possible. One cannot rob from one individual to give to another or a group of others, without violating the rights of the individual. It can't be done. Neither can it be allowed if one wants truth and justice to prevail in this world.

The Law of Eleven and Seven, when interlocked, can explode any crooked government or unjust law on this planet. It slices through lies, injustices, and perversions of truth like the sword Excalibur.

Apply the Law of Eleven and Seven to Muslim fundamentalist beliefs and they explode immediately, since nothing can ever justify violating the rights of the individual. Apply it to any human rights issues such as race relations, gay rights, woman's rights, or even immigration, and all seemingly complex issues dissolve into simple solutions. But the Law of Eleven and Seven must be one interlocking law composed of two simpler statements in order to always bring the light of truth to solving problems.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are self-evident rights, but in order to preserve those rights and bring world peace, the Law of Eleven and Seven must be applied without fail.

All religions, governments, and laws between men must be subservient to these absolute truths, or else they are unjust and must be brought into sublimation to this universal law of conscious beings and individual minds throughout all universes.

Learn and use this Law of Eleven and Seven; apply it to all logical arguments; apply it to all social issues; to all existing laws, and you will soon see how easy everything is to decipher, and to perceive as either true or untrue; just or unjust.

This is because these laws existed in all universes before consciousness evolved, just as the Pythagorean Theorem existed billions of years before Pythagoras. It is absolute truth, and the basic building block of universal law among all conscious beings throughout all universes.

Open your mind to the truth.


Ray said...

Yikes! Physical, mathematical and philosophical absolutes are three completely different animals. Physical absolutes are absolute because Man cannot alter them. Mathematical absolutes are descended logically from Man-made axioms which Man agrees to hold absolute in order to enjoy the benefits of mathematics. It does not follow that because there are physical and mathematical absolutes there must therefore be philosophical absolutes. Nor does it follow that a given philosophy is absolute because large numbers of people subscribe to it. You can make many excellent arguments that your eleven and seven philosophies are extremely beneficial, but the argument that they are absolute is non sequitur at too many points to mention in this comment. Besides, your eleven and seven philosophies are so strongly supported by pragmatic arguments that an argument to absolutism, were it valid, would add little additional strength. Your philosophies face some potential linguistic challenges, but absolutism would be a moot response to any linguistic challenge.

Michael P. Sakowski said...

Ray said: "Physical absolutes are absolute because Man cannot alter them," which is correct. But math is not descended from the mind of man, but is merely a convenient set of definitions made by man to describe existing reality; a way to quantify physical law. It exists without man, unwritten but just as real. To say that it descends from the mind of man, is to deny its existence without man, which is wrong. The universe exists without man, as do the laws that control it.

Just as real, are the basic laws that universally apply to all consciousness, not just of men, but of all conscious life everywhere. They preexist, just as a flower preexists in the seed. Consciousness is everywhere an integrating force which works against the physical laws of entropy and thermodynamics. It's maximum ascension is defined by preexisting laws. Truth is a necessary prerequisite for increased levels of consciousness, since without truth, a stable model of the universe cannot be perceived, and consciousness is thus inhibited. Man's growth is necessarily limited by the amount of truths that he has integrated successfully. Thus, there are absolutes that govern consciousness. There are many levels of consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Philosophically speaking, I approach this issue from a different perspective than others might. Mind you, science has attempted to kill all areas of philosophy, announcing them null and void (post Kant). I have a son working on his PhD in Germany who is determined to resurrect philosophy by proving the basis of science rests upon the Euclidean concept of 3D space and how we visualize it. I'm excited to see how he progresses with his thesis. For my part, the most basic absolute is that God Is and all else follows from this. Your 11 and 7 are good derivatives but fail to acknowledge their origin in a God Who Is.

Michael P. Sakowski said...

Barbara, I deliberately leave God out of all my logical arguments because it it not necessary to acknowledge an existence of God in order to think logically. By injecting God, (which has different meanings to different people based upon their personal level of consciousness) one automatically injects many variables which would need description and clarification.

Since almost no one I know has an easily definable description that all might comprehend of their personal concept of God, it is much simpler most times to leave God out of the equation. Either that, or replace the word god with good, since by definition, God is good.

(My personal working definition of good, is that which increases the maximum growth of an individual, while not violating the rights of others. Evil is the opposite of good. But even the terms of good and evil I usually try to steer clear of using, since they both have such strong connotations associated with them.)

This approach neither denies nor affirms any particular image of God, while allowing individuals to still ascertain basic truths.

Philosophy is an oxymoron as used by most people. In fact, it has been the crooked thoughts of many so-called philosophers that have held this world in captivity for thousands of years. But that is a book in itself. :o)

Anonymous said...

I understand. When I studied ancient philosophy in college I always knew The Good spoken of was actually God and played along. We all must trod the path He has chosen for us and lately He has called me out to put Him back into everything - using wisdom, of course. I recognize that He uses us in different ways and do not demand that you follow suit ;~)

Michael P. Sakowski said...

Barbara wrote: "I recognize that He uses us in different ways and do not demand that you follow suit ;~)"

And so shall we both seek and find truth, through mutual respect and understanding.

Thank you for your input.