Sunday, March 14, 2010


Try to remember as you play the game of life, that there is no winning. The only win is to enjoy the game as long as it lasts.

To be able to say on one's deathbed that one gave it his or her all, and that they played fair and with good conscience.

Maybe there is one way to win; by trying to help others enjoy their lives and each other. To try to help them to understand that in this universe, the most valuable asset we all have is each other. No accumulation of wealth is worth very much if one can't appreciate their fellow creatures, both man and beast. To be able to rejoice and bask in the love of good. What else is more important? Nothing. Life is rather meaningless without that.

When you help others, you take self-gain out of the equation, and you are automatically a winner by default. It's like changing the rules of the game, so you can't lose.

Perhaps that is the only real way of winning. But you have to want it; you have to have reached that mental stage of evolution where you realize that it really is better to give than to receive.

Remember these thoughts the next time you feel dissatisfied or disheartened. You can only feel that way when you are concerned with yourself.

It is a philosophical irony that to be most happy, one must not seek happiness for oneself.

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