Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Minds of Men

No matter who you are, man or woman, your mind is diseased.

It's not your fault. You have been infected and exposed to a continuous bombardment of half-truths and outright lies ever since your birth upon planet Earth. Thus, every decision that you make is to a more or less degree tainted by a mind that is riddled with diseased ideas, crooked logic, and personal biases. You need to recognize this fact, so that you may begin to be cured.

For just a few moments, let's step back and look at this picture from a third party perspective, since it is less painful that way. For certainly, it is difficult to accept for most well-educated adults, that their minds are diseased and malfunctioning. After all, what was the point of a lifetime of study and perseverance and hard work, if their learning can't inoculate and protect them from lies and tricks and manipulations of the truth?

"We all come into the world clean. Open minds eager to learn and absorb all of life."

I wrote that phrase in 2004, but even that is a half-truth, because we don't really come into the world completely clean, it just sounds good. We are born with some hard-wired prejudices and fears that we have inherited from thousands of generations of those who lived before us. Some individuals have an innate fear of spiders or snakes, or dozens of other things. And it is inherently normal in the human species to often shun that which is foreign or new, and to desire to maintain the status quo. These inherited traits and biological biases helped to preserve the human species over many tens of thousands of years.

In the modern world, where most individuals have achieved consciousness, these inherited traits can be over-ruled by logic and disciplined thought processes. But the twisted and inaccurate integration of truths as individuals grow and mature is another matter completely. Think of the hapless infants who are abused in their cribs by careless siblings and less than perfect adults. They immediately form new fears and prejudices. In fact, who knows what real effect it has on an individual to be painfully circumcised at birth? Perhaps that act in itself begins a new mistrust in the world. It would be much simpler if pain were the only problem for infants and young innocent minds, but it is not. They are immediately subjected to all the dangers of a less than perfectly controlled environment.

First their parents, then their relatives, then society and the world in general completely bombard them with the outputs of all the diseased minds which already existed on planet Earth before the individual was born. Then, when they have learned speech and some necessary habits of self-control they are sent off to school where they are indoctrinated with the latest textbook versions of history, and they are taught whatever are the current popular trends in education at that instant in time. When not being indoctrinated by the schools, they are being taught religion, which mostly must be taken on faith.

Do not think! This is the way it is; this is what you must believe, even if you still do not understand. The highest devotion to God is through jihad; love thy neighbor; do not steal; do not murder. On and on it goes, depending upon which local society the hapless individual is born into. The individual is not taught to think, but to obey; not taught to reason, but to believe; not allowed to use his or her god-given abilities to the maximum, but is instead immediately stunted in their growth, poisoned in their minds, and thus, their abilities to accurately integrate truths are immediately diminished. As if that were not enough, they are then subjected to violent movies and video games, and countless more distortions of reality in their free time. And we still haven't touched on their improper diets, bad health habits, and all the many vices such as smoking, drinking, and drugs that they will later be subjected to in their learning about life on this planet.

The real wonder on planet earth is that society hasn't already destroyed itself through some nuclear fiasco or some genetic experiment gone wrong. And yet, all of the millions who have died in countless wars; all those who were innocent of wrong-doing and were murdered needlessly by other individuals with diseased minds did not die in vain if we can learn from history, and change that which is wrong.

Mankind, can ascend to a future that will seem like a heaven-on-earth compared to the primitive, violent societies that now inhabit this planet. This ascension is well under way, despite how hopeless and lost the world may look at times. One proof of this is that the per capita murder rate is lower now than at any time in recorded history. That seems hard to believe, when one reads the daily headlines, but it is true. However, it is also possible, even highly likely, that the current civilizations upon the earth could decay and fall back to a previous time in history if individuals are not careful.

For there are many virulent doctrines spreading through societies on this planet. There is always a war of good versus evil, just as the universe itself is composed of positive and negative forces. However, consciousness is an upward force that defies entropy, and it demands truthfulness. Why? Because truth is the only way to maximize the integration of simple thought into more complex thoughts. Half-truths and lies make integrations of reality distorted and therefore unstable. Building a working system of higher consciousness demands as much truth as possible. Lies are evil, because they destroy the individual's ability to integrate reality accurately. Therefore, all liars are the enemies of all mankind. Lies should never be tolerated.

Use the tool of the Law of Eleven and Seven to help test doctrines that you have been exposed to. It does not preclude or condemn any just religion or spiritual belief, but it will destroy all distorted renderings of reality if it is applied carefully and thoughtfully. Use it to begin to cleanse your mind. And remember, that no matter who you are or what station you have in life, your mind is able to decipher and understand the most complex problems on earth, because that is the nature of consciousness that has been set free from disease. As the lies and false beliefs begin to shrivel up and fade from your mind, your abilities to reason will expand many fold.

All one's learning need not be a waste, even though much of what they have learned is wrong. A new foundation can be poured upon which accurate integrations of reality will stabilize, wash clean, and cure the past diseased portions of the mind. For all inaccurate integrations of reality are but a disease that affects and limits future integrations of reality and limits the ascension of consciousness. But to be cured, you must accept that you are sick; you must recognize that your mind has been infected with many viral half-truths. As you shed these half-truths and replace them with accurate reflections of reality, you will also recognize how you have been tricked by the manipulators of minds; the cheaters who steal from the individual by enslaving them in crooked, mirror images of reality.

Step away from the diseased minds on planet earth and inoculate yourself with undeniable, absolute truths that will interlock to become a new impregnable armor for your mind. Your whole life will soon take on a new dimension of understanding. Growth never stops and even octogenarians can learn like children. This is how the mind of man was meant to be. Logical, but not without emotion, and filled with empathy and love for his or her fellow man.

This is the universal mind of a healthy individual.

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