Friday, December 13, 2013

Say (or do) Anything 

Desperation for Material Success

Watching the headlines, one fact becomes immediately clear; the world has a misplaced desperation for success and material gains. 

Can anyone, after watching the lies and testimonies of so-called world leaders, or hearing the banal rants of scrambling opportunists masquerading as news reporters, or even after watching the continued downward spiral into perversity by populist entertainers, harbor any doubt that society is sick?

A madness for success, which hopefully brings riches, has gripped the world more than ever.  And in that race to the top of the dung heap, the world that watches, has become necessarily shallower and emptier, losing much of the beauty of healthy humanity.

Our society is inverted, as are its values.  Individuals should be devoting their lives to becoming more fully developed specimens of god-like humanity, rather than chasing wealth.  Common sense should tell you to be true to yourself, but how many actually can say truthfully that they even know very much about themselves? It isn't possible to "know thyself" unless one takes the time to do so.  That requires periods of time away from the noise of the world, plateaus of quiet, somber thought that grow and elevate one's consciousness.  It can't be done while being bombarded by the twenty-four-seven news cycle or while being blasted by rap tunes or heavy metal, skull-crushing sound.

To begin to know oneself, one must unplug from the world for at least short periods of time, and experience a sense of apparent isolation, before finally beginning to realize one's own self-worth, and to feel the connectedness of all things.  

Success should be based upon excellence as an individual and personal growth, and has nothing to do with material gain. 

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