Thursday, November 28, 2013

The American Holiday

     On this Thanksgiving, our uniquely American holiday, I cannot help but think of all the Midwestern families who have lost their homes and lifetime possessions, and it is therefore very easy to feel lucky and grateful for the good fortunes with which we are mostly graced.  And yet, in their trials and grief, survivors universally find out the same truths: That they did not need all of what they lost, and that their most valued blessings are the people that they love.

     From birth, we are programmed by society to become consummate consumers, work-week toilers whose harvest is a paycheck to spend on everything that we think we need.  But what do we really need?  What values made America great?  It wasn't mobs crashing barriers to get a new I-phone, TV, or laptop computer.  The very values that built the greatest nation on earth are often down trodden today by new agendas proposed by enemies of our original republic.  People who claim to want to "fundamentally transform America" have no respect for the individual.  They prove it by saying that they want to steal the wealth from one individual, "and spread it around a little".  They prove their lack of respect for the individual time and again, from their willingness to murder innocent babies, to their enslavement of all individuals into a massive government health insurance plan, even if it is against the individual's will.

     Our republic, as founded, celebrated the individual and his or her rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  For now, at least, we still have the power in America to fight for individual freedom within the laws given to us by our forefathers.  We can be thankful of that, just as we can be thankful that we have loved ones, even if we have no home.

God bless all individuals, and god protect and preserve the republic.
Thank you for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon America, and help guide us to better days for all free men and women.
Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all.

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