Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking for Leadership

America has been lost for a long time. Craving a mystical leader, the people chose hope over reality, they cast their lot with a stranger who promised what they longed to hear. And why not?

Was there anyone that they could look to for inspiration? Has there been any recent leader remotely worthy of the best hopes of all Americans? Name one, for I surely can not. Perhaps, the problem lies in the method. Should Americans look for leadership from their elected representatives at all? If elected officials are representatives in a representative government, then they should not be leading at all, but instead should be carrying out the will of the people to their best ability.

There, it is said, and it is simple. America has been misled for generations, not because Americans are stupid, but because they have had it all wrong. They have been looking for leadership in all the wrong places, trying to elect leaders when what they really should have been doing was electing bookkeepers and stodgy, boring, public sycophants who would serve their best interests without fail. But it was too soon, too early in the intellectual and emotional development of the country. A true public consciousness was only available in fleeting moments, as when we were attacked, or when severe adversity brought forth our survival instincts and the best of our human compassion.

Something has changed. Millions of cellphones, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Twitter, and alternative news sources have begun the growth of a vast, extended neural net that places people in more instantaneous social contact than ever before. Suddenly we are talking to thousands of people whom we would have never even met just a few years ago. Events on the far side of the globe reach us in a more personal way and faster than ever. Newspapers no longer print the news reliably, so people have found new ways to ascertain their shared reality as it unfolds at an ever faster pace. This is only the beginning. The age of information has been transformed and we are in the middle of a cultural revolution.

The formerly invisible common sense thinkers are about to seize power from the parasitic elite, and no one even understands just what is happening. The formerly intellectually suppressed are breaking the chains of their bondage and stepping out into a brave new world of independent thought, where they can resonate in communities of minds and quickly be catapulted into a new state of mass consciousness.

The real leaders were always amongst us, placed here by God (or nature if you prefer that term) to help guide the ascension of consciousness. The individual, the most important resource on our planet, is about to take a major step forward.

The exact opposite of an Orwellian future lies ahead. Even now, the parasites and power-grabbing cheaters cannot see it. They cannot fathom it because they are hollow and could never begin to understand what is happening. They will implode into nothingness and no memory of them will remain.

Feel it now, reach out with your mind and touch the face of the future.

It is coming, unstoppable and irrevocable, and with a swiftness that is difficult to comprehend at this instant. Open your mind, and feel the vibration of thought.

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