Saturday, October 10, 2009

Earth's Upside-down Anti-civilization

Earth currently exists as an upside-down anti-civilization, where the economic value producers are enslaved at the bottom of a hierarchy, which is ruled by a parasitic elite. Those at the top use trickery and power to continually drain the economic value producers of the pyramid of their economic output. Altruism is the most prevalent trick that the parasites use to deprive the economic value producers of their wealth.

Who can be against the betterment of their fellow man? No one wants to be labeled a miscreant, so altruism is a powerful trick to get the economic value producers to voluntarily give up their justly earned riches to the parasites. This trick has the added advantage that the lazy and indolent always want to go along with any idea that gives them a FREE ride, so that segment of society will always be willing and earnest supporters of any political group that promises them a helping hand.

In reality, the parasites, disguised as altruists, want nothing more than to enslave the economic value producers and to cheat wealth and power to themselves. They have no more concern for society than a vampire bat does its victim. The most egregious sin of the current societies on planet earth, are that they limit the maximum growth of the individual mind, which is the most precious resource on the planet. For by depriving the individual of his or her earned gains, they act as a disintegrating force and thereby rob humanity of many untold new breakthroughs that the unfettered individual mind could achieve.

Companies of individuals that band together to integrate their minds and resources, to create new products and services for their fellow men, are many times bled into oblivion by hoards of regulations, taxes, and unfair trade practices all enacted by the more powerful parasitic elite. This again, thwarts the maximum integration of thought and enterprise.

The parasitic elite, will always collapse productive civilizations if given a chance. It doesn't matter to them if a country or an entire civilization is destroyed because they are able to grab still more power in times of economic uncertainty and chaos. Such times are fertile ground for the rise of authoritarian governments as evidenced in recent history. The Nazis, Fascists, and Communists all seized power in times of financial chaos. Collapse a society's economy, and its people are all more than willing to yield their freedoms in return for sustenance.

One has to look no further than America at the end of the last century to see a perfect example of parasites sucking the life blood of a country. Surprisingly, the people were just as gullible as many other contemporary societies, and they willingly gave power to a succession of parasites who continually added tax upon tax to the economic value producers until growth became restricted. Despite fast action by enterprises, which shifted many labor services to low wage overseas markets, the parasites were so bold that they grabbed more and more of all that the corporations made. In addition, the system became more and more corrupt, as the multi-layered parasitic elite powers reinforced themselves at every turn.

Shortly after the turn of the millennium, the banksters seized power through the newly restructured banking system and bled trillions of dollars of wealth from the coffers of the nation. A brief credit collapse and panic allowed the parasites to breach all previous fail safes and declare a state of emergency in the form of a multi-trillion-dollar rescue/stimulus package. They then usurped much of the funding, misappropriating funds for their own speculations, much like chronic gamblers who are never content until they are busted.

During this same time period, gullible voters who were promised change, voted in a president who was a virtual unknown to them, hoping that he would foster in a new age.


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Cat Stef said...

I agree . This zero theorem is interesting to perceive

Michael P. Sakowski said...

@Kristoffer: I can't recall where I found that image, but to search for it's source, if you right-click the image, and then copy the link location, you can go to Google image here: and paste the link location into the Google images search window (you click on the little camera at the right to search images).

The Google search will not only bring up places where that same image is shown, it will bring up similar images, of which you can then search where they came from, too.

I use that Google image search very often to pinpoint images of unknown places, people, and things. It's a great tool.

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