Sunday, July 19, 2009

Replaying History

All students of history know that history repeats itself many times through similar scenarios.

Today, I was reading the events of post WWI Europe, the turmoil in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Russia. Mostly, I was studying the events in Germany and Bavaria and how those events led to revolution, riots, murder, and hyperinflation. Specifically, I studied how the mindset of the populace was inevitably pushed towards desperately looking for effective leaders, and how none were to be found.

It was in that social turmoil that a young Adolf Hitler found his market niche and talent.

I wondered today, seeing the events unfolding in our country, what the next decade might bring. From what unknown wellspring will new leadership appear? Will we see dismal financial times; riots; hyperinflation? I certainly hope not. But the recent words of a friend of mine echo in my head as a warning. My friend has worked hard all his life, and now finds his business very stressed due to the economy. We spoke of the current problems in our federal government and I mentioned some radical ideas of secession by Texas, which I had read on Facebook by posters. And that is when my friend said: "We haven't been represented in our government in a long time."

That mindset seems all too accurate and is becoming pervasive. Our elected representatives have not been doing the jobs that they were supposed to do. And now, we find ourselves in an oligarchy ruled by banksters and narrow interest groups.

Compared against the post WWI period (in Germany), it cannot help but give one pause.

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