Saturday, July 25, 2009

Health Care is NOT a Human Right!

Where do they get this stuff? I have seen this drivel written in a lot of places recently, and it is total baloney.

Far from being a human right, health care is an individual responsibility. One's good health is first and foremost one's own responsibility. The individual needs to acquaint his or her self with basic health knowledge, beyond what they are taught by their parents and in school, and they need to do that which is necessary to maintain their body throughout their life.

This means among other other things that one should NOT rely on popular medicine as the be-all and end-all of answers regarding one's health. For one thing, there are many flaws in how western medicine approaches health. But not to get involved with the conflicting philosophies of how to best maintain one's health, one must first acknowledge the wisdom and truth of self-reliance.

In this world, the individual must assume primary responsibility for all aspects of his or her well-being in order to achieve the most personal growth and to become the best individual possible. It is a sneaky thing to say that health care is a personal right. It's sneaky, because like many things, the parasitic manipulators of the world, those that thrive off the efforts of the true economic value producers, always want to remove self-responsibility from our lives. An individual that looks to others for guidance is one that is automatically led by others.

In the name of altruism, cheaters and parasites continually steal from individuals who are unwittingly enslaved by them. Never fall for the altruist's false dictum that they just want to help you. All they want is to control you! Only YOU know what is best for you. You must be the master of your own fate, and not be tricked into relying on others to lead you.

Otherwise, you become a pawn of society, instead of an integral working part of its leadership. Your rights as a free individual include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they do not include having someone take care of you. You must take care of yourself.

Wise decisions as to your health, and who you elect as representatives in your government are your responsibility. Never be tricked into thinking someone knows more than yourself about what is best for you. You must be the one to learn what is best for you. That includes all aspects of your health: your eating habits, exercise, safety, and adopting the best personal health insurance plan possible. It doesn't mean looking for a hand out, or needing to rely on the government to take care of you. It does mean voting for intelligent representatives that will act to make good and fair health plans available for everyone.

We can never get good health plans enacted while so many people are allowed to vegetate on fatty foods that are unhealthy, and to lead lifestyles that doom them to poor health, unless we find a way to penalize poor behavior, and reward responsible behavior. Why should those who choose a healthy lifestyle have to pay elevated rates, so that the irresponsible masses can be "taken care of" and coddled in their wrong life choices?

Health can be immediately made more understandable, by recognizing the responsibility of the individual. Everything is simple, when it is broken down into its most basic elements.

Health begins with the habits of the individual.

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