Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Logical Individualism

People like labels, because it makes it easy to identify things.  This applies to everything in life, and we mimic the laws of nature by trying to do things in the simplest way possible, with the least effort, and so that we expend a minimal amount of brain power.  Except consciousness does not follow the laws of thermodynamics, and is in fact a type of negative entropy, where thoughts follow successive layers of integration, becoming more and more complex.  Higher levels of consciousness are determined by these successive integrations piled one on top another, until our thoughts sometimes become exceedingly complex.

Most of mankind's troubles are caused by misinformation, crooked ideas that are promulgated by distortions of reality, creating a distortion in the truth matrix which represents it.  These distortions limit our ability to integrate reality successfully, and falsify our perception of facts successively, so that we effectively build a house of cards in our thoughts that is subject to manipulation, confusion, and deception, and which can destroy our very lives.

Sneaky miscreants in the world take advantage of these defects in individuals' thinking abilities and lead entire populations astray, creating wars, famines, social unrest and worldwide strife on a planet that should be a Garden of Eden. However, there is a way to purify our thoughts and expunge falsehoods from our minds, a way to cleanse ourselves of the many diseased thoughts that are programmed into our minds since birth, so that we can become the godlike creatures that men and women are intended to become.

The label that defines and therefore pigeonholes for easy reference this methodology of truth and self-analysis is logical individualism.  It is based upon logic and the universal truth that all conscious individuals have undeniable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The founders of the United States were centuries ahead of the rest of the world, when they spelled out these rights in the American Declaration of Independence.  Unfortunately, what they were not able to do was to give their new nation an infallible method of thinking that would protect and preserve those principles for all time.

Thus, America has always been at risk, and has always been under attack, often successfully, by those who would enslave the individual for their own personal gain.  Creeping socialism, Nazism, religious cults, and selfish stupidity have all at one time or another, and in varying degrees, captivated segments of the nation, and impeded mankind's ultimate progress in its ascension to higher levels of consciousness.

In order for the rights of the individual to remain sacrosanct, a correct methodology and manner of thinking must be adopted so that people cannot be led astray.  Logical individualism recognizes the sovereignty and immutable rights of the individual, while it teaches to build primary logic modules that can be integrated into a powerful picture of reality composed of interlocking puzzle pieces that once assembled cannot be distorted or collapsed by liars, cheaters, and social miscreants.

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