Saturday, May 23, 2009

Words and Consciousness

A friend mentioned to me that my blog sounded religious, and that just confirmed to me the strong connotations of familiar words. (Like good and evil.) Therefore, I need to develop some new terminology, something that won't sound like I am talking about spiritual values, when I am actually just speaking about logic and how thoughts are integrated into higher levels of consciousness. This I will do later, but for now, let me say a little more about consciousness.

In fact, consciousness itself and its origins would take an entire book to explain. That has already been very well done by Julian Jaynes in his book: "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" (1976), and while I do not agree completely with his thesis, I have never seen a more thorough description of consciousness, nor a more detailed mapping out of its requirements. (In fact, as I read it, I was reminded of theories of linear algebra and vector spaces, since basically, there is a similarity. You cannot achieve a three dimensional space without the proper basis vectors, and you cannot achieve consciousness without a proper basis. One cannot be self-aware and question, until a "my space" is achieved, a sense of self.)

Anyway, I just want to formulate things logically, with no basis in any religion or any necessity for a belief in a spirituality that goes beyond biological consciousness. My theories are based upon reality, and if they happen to coincide and support others' beliefs in spirituality or religion, it is accidental and a coincidence of reality intersecting their personal beliefs.

For let me be clear when I say that although I might have spiritual beliefs or theories, I never expose them to the public or my friends, since I do not believe most people exist on exactly the same planes of thought, and therefore, I might be unable to make them envisage my particular consciousness and beliefs. To be sure, my thoughts about spirituality are by nature, not well-formulated, since no one living can speak from direct experience on anything beyond their own corporeal existence.

It is not necessary for any of us to share the same spiritual beliefs in order for us to all live in harmony and peace. There are preexisting laws that are rooted in consciousness that are inescapable. Conscious beings throughout this universe and indeed all universes are bound together as brothers and sisters by these laws.

Consciousness is as consistent as gravity, as an integrating force throughout the universe. Just as gravity attracts all particles of matter together in an unrelenting manner, integrating pieces into parts, and dust into planets and solar systems, so do all conscious minds continually absorb information and integrate all stimuli and data, transforming them into thoughts, memories, and knowledge.

This is the unstoppable force of consciousness everywhere. It is an upward evolution of thought, an ascension of consciousness to higher planes of thought. With mankind, that thought is riddled with emotion, and the emotion sometimes corrupts the purity of the thought processes. But in the same vein, the emotions are responsible for compassion, sympathy, and empathy, so we are not heartless brains; we are not just computers or machines, due to our emotions.

So the irony is this: That which makes us great, makes us troubled. Our emotions infect our thoughts with all manner of distortions. Men are able to be tricked and led astray by crafty tricksters who use human emotions to twist the truth.

My goal is to map a path that is completely dictated by logic, and is supported by the preexisting universal laws of consciousness. For once that path is mapped and learned, it will be much more difficult for people to be led astray, and hoodwinked by their emotions or tricked by devious cheaters.

Look around you, and a study of history will show you that the history of man is a history of bad government. It is a history of entire peoples led astray, taken this way and that by their leaders, through pointless wars which caused the loss of millions of lives. You will see oppression, genocide, massacres of the innocent. Century after century, this has been the story, and perhaps it was all necessary. For we needed their example, from which to learn. We needed to see all the dead ends of authoritarian governments; Nazism, communism, ruthless dictators who pop up like mushrooms, always leading innocent people astray and causing millions to suffer.

That is no longer necessary. There is another path, which exists and awaits us. It preexisted before the first creature on this planet lifted its head from the mud and looked around. It has been said accurately, that we are all stardust, since the elements that compose us were all formed previously in the interiors of other stars that later went supernova and exploded. Earth and our sun were formed from those remnants. It took us 15 billion years to get here, and we all live a very brief lifetime, less than one hundred years for most of us.

Now, at last, we have the facts clearly on the table in front of us. A new civilization is on the verge of being born; one based upon integrated truth and honesty, and the naturally ascending growth of the human mind. So it is important and necessary, that we map that road with as much accuracy and undeniable logic, as one would use to prove any theorem of mathematics. So that this time, there will be no distortions of reality; no twisting of the undeniable laws of all conscious beings in the universe.

I know that there are many people working simultaneously towards this goal. They are removed from me, and not in contact with me, but I feel them. My logic tells me that like many scientific theories that coincidentally come to pass through different people simultaneously and at the same time in history, this expansion of the consciousness of man is occurring worldwide, right now, everywhere. It can be delayed, but it can't be stopped. We can all participate. We are all connected in consciousness, even though we are not all on the same page.

Soon, an event will happen. History will change. Perhaps you are that change. Perhaps you, see the future. It took you, as the unique individual that you are, 15 billion years to get here, and like me, you will soon be dead. So step ahead, into the future, using your mind. Allow yourself to expand your consciousness and think bold thoughts. Imagine a future free of wars between men; free of sickness and ill health; a future where biological immortality frees man from death itself. For all of these things and more are possible, and you can help it happen. Look up and forward and not back and down. Open your mind.

Consciousness is calling you to higher levels. Will you heed that call?

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